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Forewords & Prefaces

Rolf D. Preus, A Year of Law & Gospel Preaching: Postil of Sermons on the One-Year Lectionary, eds. T. R. Halvorson and Andrew Packer (Cheyenne, WY: Steadfast Lutherans, Inc., 2019). Foreword.

Bryan D. Spinks, Luther’s Liturgical Criteria and His Reform of the Canon of the Mass (Sidney, MT: Synoptic Text Information Services, Inc., 2021). Publisher’s Preface.


Theodore Dirks, Reconciliation and Justification

Burnell F. Eckardt, Jr., Anselm and Luther on the Atonement: Was It “Necessary”?

Jack D. Kilcrease, The Doctrine of the Atonement from Luther to Forde

Junius B. Remensnyder, The Atonement and Modern Thought

Matthew Richard, Minute Messages: Gospel-Filled Devotions for Every Occasion

William C. Weedon, Thank, Praise, Serve, and Obey: Recovering the Joys of Piety

Ulrich Luz, The Theology of the Gospel of Matthew