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Reading Helps

Helps for the Reading Lutheran Layperson, Version 2.0

Atonement and Justification

Vicarious Satisfaction in Explanations of Luther’s Small Catechism

Vicarious Satisfaction in the Lutheran Confessions

The Cracked Foundation of Forde’s Radical Lutheranism

Nice Guys Ruin the Consolation of Christ’s Blood

Burnell F. Eckardt, Jr.’s Anselm and Luther on the Atonement: Was It “Necessary”? (commentary)

Burnell F. Eckardt, Jr.’s Anselm and Luther on the Atonement: Was It “Necessary”? (book review)

Theodore Dierks, Reconciliation and Justification (book review)

Junius B. Remensnyder, The Atonement and Modern Thought (book review)


A Simple Map of Conversion Terminology

The Will in Conversion: Protestant Rationalism versus Lutheran Adherence to Scripture

Conversion: To See Decisions Dead People Make, Visit the Cemetery

Conversion: Trusting God’s Will for Your Regeneration and Resurrection

Communion (Sacrament of the Altar, Lord’s Supper)

Would You Deny Real Presence to Escape the Jaws of Beasts?


Relevant Worship: The Story of Your Life

The Evangelical Kyrie

Nunc Dimittis: Seeing God’s Savior and Salvation

Why the Preface, Agnus Dei, and Pax Domini? Real Presence


Pastor-Elder-Bishop in Scripture

Bishop Tyranny and Heresy


Dr. Becker’s Ever Shrinking Word of God

Dr. Kloha’s Plastic Text of Scripture: Synodical Convention Controversy


Misusing Scripture: Associative Jump

Gospel Reductionism

Gospel Determinism: A Preview

Gospel Determinism Cases: Paul G. Bretscher